PN-EN ISO 9001; PN-EN ISO 14001; PN-EN ISO 45001;


We offer professional implementation of systems PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 14001 and PN-EN ISO 145001 by professionals who have an extensive experience in the implementation and, above all, an excellent knowledge of the whole process.

In course of the implementation process, we will:

  • perform an analysis of the company – our specialists will analyse the production process focusing on the specific nature of the product; they will determine processes having an effect on the quality of finished products.
  • design the system – on the basis of the company analysis, our specialists will design a quality management system;
  • develop the required system documentation.

The specialists will develop full documentation of the Quality Management System which will include:

Quality Book with attachments
System procedures
Auxiliary procedures
Fill-in forms

Additionally, we provide trainings:

  • Requirements of standards PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 14001 and PN-EN 45001;
  • System procedures
  • Conducting internal audits.

During the stage of implementing particular procedures of the Quality Management System in accordance with the implementation schedule, our specialists together with designated internal auditors of the company conduct an internal audit with the purpose to verify the company’s readiness for the certification audit.

We assist you in the proper selection of the Certification Body. The date of the certification audit is then fixed. Our specialists are present during the certification audit.