Special processes


In addition to the welding of non-alloy and low-alloy steel components, we also offer:

  • welding of austenitic steels – stainless steels;
  • welding of aluminium alloys;
  • welding of heat-resistant and  creep-resisting steels;
  • welding of nickel alloys;
  • welding of the so-called dissimilar steels;
  • welding of high-alloy steels;
  • welding of the so-called gas, power and high-strength steels.

Our experience in welding translates into the highest quality of provided services. We carry out each entrusted job precisely and carefully, with attention paid to every detail. Works are carried out under the supervision of competent staff with welding education.

Every order, even the smallest one, is discussed with the customer on an individual basis in order to meet even the highest quality requirements.