Trainings of Welders and Fitters


We conduct welder trainings in accordance with the standards contained in PN-EN ISO 9606 (Qualification examination for welders – Welding).

We want to actively contribute to the quality of projects delivered in Poland and Europe in the areas of our business line. The experience and knowledge we have gained over the years have allowed us to launch a training department with the idea to promote and supply the best specialists to labour markets. We train welders who get employed in the energy, petrochemical and chemical industries. The duration of training is adjusted individually to the needs and skills of each participant. Each training ends with an examination supervised by UDT, TUV or IS. We also train fitters-metal workers, fitters of steel structures and fitters of isometric structures. In the practical part, the trainees learn how to read technical and isometric drawings.

The training covers, among other things:

  • tolerances for welding structures (according to PN-EN ISO 13920, PN-B -06200) etc;
  • projecting (European, American);
  • scales, tables, types of lines, format of sheets, markings of materials on drawings;
  • views, sections, layouts;
  • dimensioning – general principles;
  • designation of dimensional tolerances, shapes, position, roughness, heat treatment;
  • examples of manufacturing drawings and sequence of assembly including welding and NDT tests.