Welding passion is our life

CALMTEC Engineering designs and implements quality management systems in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 standards for production companies operating in sectors such as energy, pressure equipment, steel structures, railways, mining etc.

Thanks to our constantly expanding engineering capabilities and a very wide range of cooperative activities, we provide fast, efficient and, above all, beneficial cooperation and prices.

We develop, implement and launch new welding technologies in factories, automate and mechanise processes to improve the quality and mostly to increase the efficiency of welding works. We implement new welding technologies, recognise welding technologies, qualifications of welders, destructive and non-destructive tests of welded joints, welding and design documentation.

The continuous development of our organization allows us to offer our customers a much wider range of services and products, from the design of steel structures and equipment through laser burning of sheet metal elements and supply of metals to installation at the customer’s premises or delivery of products such as such as expansion joints, modular crossheads and steel structures developed by our engineering companies.